Our design studio, based in the inspiring creativity hub of Angel Islington, London, is home to our talented designers all of whom share our dedication and passion, adding fresh designs continually.


Greeting cards and art prints 

We do not limit ourselves just to the front of the card. Flip it over and check out the interesting trivia and fun facts. Our cards are each hand finished with elegant round corners to add to the aesthetic look of each card that leaves our studio.

Pearls are rare natural beauties. With several layers that overlap each other a pearl has the ability to “break” the light and to create an unbelievable number of colours through refraction and reflection. Our pearlescent paper has a similar luminous quality adding a beautiful luxurious edge.
All of our printed products are made using the best quality paper produced also in a way that supports sustainable forest management. All printed in our London studio, we minimize waste and make sure to recycle wherever we can.


Currently our notebooks are only available for purchase in our studio in London although we can take orders via email and by phone.
Ezen uses cruelty-free PU leather for all of its notebooks. This synthetic vegan material has enabled the company to dramatically reduce its environmental impact while maintaining the quality of its range. However, we do acknowledge the contrast side of PU leather, namely that it takes a long time to biodegrade because it contains “polyurethane” which is a plastic material. But by not using real animal skin leather, it enables us to sell cruelty-free products with the same quality as real leather.
Our commitment to ethical and environmental concerns is crucial to our ethos, and we are proud of the steps already taken to reduce our carbon footprint. As a progressive player in the publishing industry, are constantly looking to source fully sustainable materials and processes. We strive to minimize our environmental impact, and always on the lookout to finding environmentally friendly alternatives.