It all began back in 1977 with the establishment of the Japanese Gallery in Kensington, London. Thanks to their experience and extensive expertise, they grew to hosting one of the largest and unique collections of Japanese art. Expanding to host further branches in London and in Japan.


One of their sons, David, took over the management of the Islington branch. That’s where the fun begins. Under his management, he soon opted to focus purely on the Japanese prints, shifting out the 3D objects from porcelains, figures, and swords. His obsession with prints, soon lead him to expand from what was a predominantly antique inventory, to one that also included modern and contemporary artists.


Originally it was supposed to be just a one off thing - cards for Christmas of 2013 - but our customers frankly DEMANDED more. And that’s how the Ezen Designs took off. The new love affair and passionate journey commenced, where David discovered a printed medium, that could touch a huge number of people, whilst carrying a personally communicated message. 


By February 2014 our amazing team of designers created another range, "Vintage" to add to the already existing "Japanese" range. Ezen Designs participated in our first greetings card trade fair in Birmingham! Needless to say - it was a blast. Since then we have expanded our portfolio to over 600 designs and growing.


Even in the industry, our product was acknowledged and we qualified as finalist in what is the Oscars for the greeting cards world. This was when we caught the eyes of some of the key buyers in the UK, leading us to be placed in prominent stores such, Harrods being one of them.