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Book Reading

Book Reading

Even though digital books are more accessible in terms of location and time for readers, it is undeniable that e-book is not a complete substitute for the printed hardcover book. Book market figures show that printed books remain to being the most popular book format.
Have you wondered about the benefits of reading?
Reading exercises the brain. As we retain the information whilst reading a story – the settings, the characters - it serves to improve the function of memory. At the same time, it serves to improve our concentration and the ability to focus.
Literacy is improved as it challenges to build our library of vocabulary and becoming more effective in communication whilst also increasing our knowledge and information. This in turn makes us more knowledgeable giving us a variety of topics to engage in exciting conversations with others.
It is also a wonderful form of entertainment. So many people opt sit in front of the TV or head to the movies – even though very often they are stories based on books. By reading, and going to the original format, we truly can enjoy the entertainment as intended by the author.
It is scientifically proven that reading leads to relaxation, reducing stress, lowering the heart rate and blood pressure, as well as as helping sleep. Reading creates a sanctuary for the mind, and this time of tranquillity seems ever more precious in this fast-moving, internet-infused world.
So, can the above benefits be the same for e-books? Without a doubt, many of the above benefits prevail, however, the sensory and intimate experiences readers encounter with physical books would be difficult to replicate fully. Fingers lingering over ink on the paper, slight sounds when turning a page, fresh woody smell from the book, are all part of the exclusive journey in the act of reading a physical book, however, there are great advantages that also come with e-books. Ultimately what is most important is to enjoy reading, and to take pleasure in the array of literary delights that we are blessed with in our world.
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