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Moga Girl

Moga Girl

Moga Girl by Kasen Ohira (Mid. 20th C.)

A beauty dressed in the fashion style of the period by what was called the "Moga" (abbreviation of Modern Girl). This was Japan's equivalent of America's flappers, Germany's neue Frauen, France's garçonnes.

Decadent and hedonistic, the "moga" girls would work, enjoy financial as well as emotional independence, and they would enjoy smoking, watching movies and enjoying frequenting cafes and socialising.

Yuki Moyo (It Looks Like Snow) by Ito Shinsui (1926)

Sometimes they would wear the traditional Japanese kimono but with the trending western hairstyle, and most times, wearing pumps and short dresses, the Western style would be the preferred choice of attire.

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