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World Book Day in the UK

World Book Day in the UK

The first World Book Day in the UK took place in 1997 to encourage young people to start enjoying the pleasure of reading.

Today is the 24th year that children of all ages come together to share the joy of reading and share stories that can make a crucial difference to their future success.

The mission of this day is to promote reading for pleasure, offering every child and young person the opportunity to have a book of their own.


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5 benefits of reading

1. It helps to lower your stress levels
Reading pulls your mind away from the stress in hand and makes you feel more relaxed.

2. Reading helps to fight depression
as it stimulates parts of your brain that deal with depression.

3. It will improve your attention span and memory
Trying to remember the plot, characters and nuances will create new synapses and strengthen old ones, improving your memory.

4. It enhances your imagination and empathy
Reading about other people, we imagine ourselves into their position. This exercise can help us to better understand people in real life.

5. It helps you broaden your mind and acquire knowledge
Reading about new subject will not only allow you to expand your vocabulary, but it will also allow you to see topics from a different perspective.
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