About Us


The British tradition of card sending and displaying them in the home, is a beautiful one. Even in this age of social media, per capita, the UK is the highest in the use of greeting cards.

At Ezen Designs, from the capital of London, we have dedicated ourselves to designing and producing Greeting Cards of superior quality so that our customers can express their sentiments in the best way possible. From this, we have continued to expand and will further merchandise into other products to meet the request of our fans around the world.



 Member of the Greetings Cards Association UK 




It all began back in 1977 with the establishment of the Japanese Gallery in Kensington, London. Thanks to their experience and extensive expertise, they grew to hosting one of the largest and unique collections of Japanese art. Expanding to host further branches in London and in Japan.


One of their sons, David, took over the management of the Islington branch. That’s where the fun begins. Under his management, he soon opted to focus purely on the Japanese prints, shifting out the 3D objects from porcelains, figures, and swords. His obsession with prints, soon lead him to expand from what was a predominantly antique inventory, to one that also included modern and contemporary artists.


Originally it was supposed to be just a one off thing - cards for Christmas of 2013 - but our customers frankly DEMANDED more. And that’s how the Ezen Designs took off. The new love affair and passionate journey commenced, where David discovered a printed medium, that could touch a huge number of people, whilst carrying a personally communicated message. 


By February 2014 our amazing team of designers created another range, "Vintage" to add to the already existing "Japanese" range. Ezen Designs participated in our first greetings card trade fair in Birmingham! Needless to say - it was a blast. Since then we have expanded our portfolio to over 600 designs and growing.


Even in the industry, our product was acknowledged and we qualified as finalist in what is the Oscars for the greeting cards world. This was when we caught the eyes of some of the key buyers in the UK, leading us to be placed in prominent stores such, Harrods being one of them.



Stockists increasing with stores including Harrods, Kew Gardens, British Museum and abroad. Ezen Designs launches digital art prints proving to be a successful range with high demand.


The industry’s most prestigious award - Gift of the Year 2017. Ezen Designs was successfully nominated and shortlisted for the 2018 awards.


High quality stationery notebooks added to the range of products available from our London store. Currently these are exclusively to our retail customers. Do visit to see the range which contain 20 designs and growing.



    All of our products are designed, produced, and packed, and sent from our studio in London. Hand finished with rounded corners to add to our unique elegant look. 


    Our drive for perfection and attention to detail is reflected in each and every card.

    • Descriptions on the back
    We do not limit ourselves just to the front of the card, flip it over and check out interesting trivia, fun facts or notes even cheekier than the front of the card!
    • Unique shape

    Our cards are each hand finished with elegant round corners to add to the aesthetic look of each card that leaves our studio.


    Choosing the right ‘canvas’ for our designs was not an easy task. We wanted to make sure that our cards would be something you could send knowing that it would be cherished for years to come. Many end up not sending them, unable to resist the temptation of framing them to display for their own enjoyment.

    David visited almost every paper mill in United Kingdom, carefully and painstakingly test printing over 300 types of paper before he found the one that we use today.

    Our paper is not only of great quality but it’s also produced in a way that supports sustainable forest management, therefore you can enjoy our cards without the fear of the negative impact on the environment.


    Ezen’s Islington Studio is a busy, inspiring hub of creativity. We are regularly creating new collections whilst also refreshing already existing ranges to bring our customers new and exciting product.

    The design team consists of extremely talented young artists all of whom share our dedication and passion. Our portfolio is constantly evolving, currently we offer following collections:

    • Japanese - stunning exotic images, ranging from traditional art designs to more contemporary designs inspired by tradition.
    • Funny Animals - one of our most popular, filled with puns and ballsy captions that would bring smiles to everyone regardless of age.
    • Screenprint - filled with fun and bold colours, that will light up even the gloomiest day
    • Vintage - made of class and style, with a dash of Art Deco ‘sophistication’.
    • Photo - beautifully captured images accompanied by various headings suitable for every occasion.




    As technology progresses the possibilities multiply and new ideas just wait to be realised.

    That, combined with limitless creativity of our team, allows us to come up with exciting new projects.

    We have just launched our prototypes to our high quality stationery range with fantastic feedback. Please sign up to our newsletter to receive updates and special offers.